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In 4 Steps, My Resume Makeover Guide will help you


Sharpen your resume using strategies of RESUME WRITING PROS so you never have to guess if your resume says the right thing


Improve the look and feel of your resume to catch the reader’s eye


Establish your target job to attract the right employer


Optimize your chances of recruiters and employers reviewing your resume


Polish up wording and toss old phrases so that your resume is fresh and up to date


Make your work history stand out with a PROVEN strategy that never fails

Make Small Changes For A Big Impact
To Your Job Search

This makeover guide will help you fix what’s not working on your resume so you can apply for the job with confidence and present your best self before landing the interview.

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4 simple yet powerful steps based on proven strategies of Resume Writing Pro’s that will help you upgrade your resume, so you can make the perfect impression every time you apply.


Danielle R. Ayodele is a faith-based Career Coach who teaches professionals how to level up in their career journey – from the job search to on-the-job advancement. She provides proven strategies that have helped her advance in her own career. After spending a decade climbing the corporate ladder, Danielle knows what it takes to reach the next level at work and has overcome some of the most common setbacks that young professionals face.

The proof is in how Danielle bounced back from an unexpected lay-off by strategically navigating the job market, turning down inadequate offers, waiting for the right offer and then successfully negotiating a higher salary that she knew she deserved. Danielle’s dream is to see more women become intentional about their careers, take ownership, and make the decision to excel.

Danielle is a Management Consultant for a Fortune 500 Company, a Certified Professional Resume Writer and former Career Development Instructor and Employability Coach. She’s trained hundreds of professionals all over the country in the areas of Leadership, Career Development, and Employability Skills. Danielle holds a MBA in Training & Development from Roosevelt University, and a BA in Communications from Xavier University of Louisiana.

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