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I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with you! Helping professionals update their resume for the next phase in their career is one of my specialties, and I’m looking forward to being on the journey with you!

4 Reasons You Should Update Your Resume

1. New Job

Applying for a new job is the most common reason people use resumes. For every new position you apply for, you should be using a fresh, up-to-date resume.

2. Career Advancement

As you prepare for a promotion, updating your resume is a good way to take inventory of your skills and recent accomplishments. This is allows you to confidently show your employer the value that you bring to the company.

3. Career Transition

Changing careers if one of the most challenging things for a professional to experience. Creating a resume for a new industry that highlights your transferrable skills can give your more confidence when transitioning.

4. Unexpected Opportunity

You never want something as simple as an outdated resume to be the result of a missed opportunity. Having a fresh resume on hand allows you to be prepared when opportunity knocks.


Set yourself up for success with an updated resume

The Excel Forward Resume Audit allows you to share your existing resume and have it audited to help you with the next season of your career. Whether you’re transitioning jobs, transitioning careers, trying to advance in the workplace, or simply just wanting to stay prepared, we’ll customize an audit with your specific career goal in mind.

After maternity leave and 5-years of growing my startup on the side, Danielle was able to help me with my employment gap so that I could better position myself in pursuit of a marketing contract. I’m so grateful for Danielle’s expertise in resume writing and would recommend her services to anyone looking to upgrade their career success.

– Nubiah H.

How does it work?

Get your resume reviewed and audited in 5 business days.



Step 1: Fill Out The Form + Upload Your Resume

The form will ask you questions to get to know you as a professional and what your next-level career goals are. This will help me determine what needs to stand out on your resume for it to do its job. I’ll also give you a chance to ask me your top 3 career questions for me to answer along with your audit. If you do not yet have a resume, please create one first using my free guide.


Step 2: Review Your Audit

Within 5 business days, you’ll receive a detailed walk-through highlighting the strengths and weakness of a resume, and the top elements you need to change. We’ll give you personalized strategies based on the position you’re looking for along with the answers to your top 3 career questions.



Step 3: Implement Immediately

Don’t wait. Make your career a priority by taking the tips and strategies provided to you and implementing them immediately. Cheers to your success!

My husband and I both utilized Danielle’s resume writing service and we were very pleased with the result and promptness. We received multiple hits, and my husband even received an interview and job offer! We recommend Danielle to anyone seeking to get a new or advanced position.

– Keira H.

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After working with Danielle to update my resume, she gave me sound advice on my next career move and I  was able to land a new job! I definitely recommend Danielle if you’re trying to land that dream position.

– Derron C.

Have a professional give you personalized feedback on your resume.

After training hundreds of professionals all over the country in leadership and career development, my mission is to see more women of color thriving in the workplace and driving their careers from entry-level to the corner office.

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